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Engine rotation

Question asked by Chris Kalnasy on May 18, 2012
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So, in my spare time at work, and being newer to solidworks, I wanted a small, but fun challenge to model a crankshaft.  Well that took no time at all, so I now have a full rotating assembly of a bottom end of a four cylinder (crank, rod, pins, and piston).  My question comes to getting it to rotate correctly.  Am I wrong in saying that all of that has to be done in the animation side and I wont see any kind of rotation that would resemble an engine in the assembly area?  The crank is fixed because it was first in the assembly, and the rod and piston assembly is mated on the crank journals and can do 360's around the crank, but the piston is in a fixed postion, so im not sure how to get the crank to spin 360, have the piston fixed, and make the rod follow the rotation of the crank as its supposed to. 


Sorry if that sounds confusing.  Any help would be great.