Video Card Problem

Discussion created by Guest on Nov 24, 2006
Although this card is not on the certified list, I run an FX card on my system at home and it works pretty well with the right set-up. First off, if you are trying to use Animator or PhotoWorks for photorealistic renderings, you need a new card.

If not, here is what to try:
- Display Properties\Settings\Advanced\GeForce...\Performance settings or something along those lines. Normally a workstation card would have a SolidWorks setting where yours has "halo, doom3..." . Select "Global Setting" then go into the Global driver settings and turn everything off. There will be entries like "Antialiasing setiings, Anisotrpic filtering..." Save this Profile as SolidWorks.

- Control Panel\System\Advanced\Performance "Settings" \Visual Effects - Set this to adjust for best performance. This will turn off a bunch of fancy windows graphics.

Now try SolidWorks, if this has hepled, you can now go back and try turning on some of the other Driver Performance settings and even the Visual Effects if you like.

Good Luck.

Larry Burton
Group Leader, Mechanical Engineering
SW2006 SP5.1, XP Pro SP2
Dell Precision 370, 3 GHz, ATI GL5100,
2 Gb RAM ( /3 GB switch on)