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    Emil Tietje

      We recently upgraded to Win7 x64 with 12G of ram.  SolidWorks 2012, plus other programs, do not appear to be using more than 4G.  Currently, I am running a simulation and would expect SolidWorks to use more then 4G.  Is it possible to increase the ram that is available to SolidWorks? 



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          Wayne Tiffany

          I don't know that you can force SW to use more ram.  I have seen my ram usage go to 14.2 Gb total system when I loaded large models.



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            Anna Wood

            SolidWorks is using as much as it needs.  If it needs more it will use it.  I have opened up models that used 20 gigs of RAM.





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              Jerry Steiger



              You might want to ask this in the Simulation forum. It may be that Simulation has some options that control memory usage, since memory was a big problem for simulation programs in the old days. I know that ANSYS sometimes seems to start using swap space even though I still seem to have lots of memory available. I haven't followed my own advice and tried to find settings that I can change to improve the performance.


              Jerry Steiger