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Incorrect display of new or modified component in an assembly

Question asked by Max Crittenden on May 17, 2012

I usually work in Shaded With Edges display. If I create a new part, then switch to an assembly window and insert the new part, it appears in Shaded (without edges) display - even though edges are visible for all the other parts. When I change back to the part window, its edges have disappeared there too. I have to rebuild the part to bring the edges back. (Rebuilding the assembly doesn't do it.)


Another problem is that if I open a part from an assembly to edit it, then return to the assembly, it's hidden. Rebuilding the assembly makes it visible again.


These aren't huge problems, but they are extremely annoying because:


1. They weren't there in the past.

2. Every added click, keyboard stroke, or mouse movement is a health hazard.


Is anyone else seeing the same behavior? Is there a fix? I'm using SW2011 SP5.0.