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Local Cache clearing using Dispatch, check "keep Local File"

Question asked by Doug Johnson on May 17, 2012
Latest reply on May 21, 2012 by Doug Johnson

I am new to PDM and trying to set up our vault for about 10 editors. We decided to clear the local cache which works well using the Dispatch add in.

However based on the number of users working on the same files or components of assemblies there is a need to keep a file checked out at times.

Typically you can check the "keep checked out" and retain the local file.


The Dispatch command is doing exactly what I asked it to, maybe too well. Even when "keep checked out" is checked during a check in the file is cleared from the local cache.


When this happens the file remaines checked out by the user. The option to check the file back in is still available but there is no file in the cache to check in. There is an error when you try to do so.


Question is:

Is there a command that can be used before the "delete File" command with the Dispatch cache clearing function that will allow the user to keep a local file that has the "keep checked out" selected?