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Extra Mouse buttons / tilt wheel

Question asked by Chris Lindloff on May 17, 2012
Latest reply on May 17, 2012 by Jeff Abramson

I have pretty basic Dell mouse, but it does have the extra side buttons for "forward/back" in internet explorer.  It also has a side tilting wheel.  Is there any way to make use of these buttons in Solidworks?


Ideally I would like the forward/back to act as "Green check mark / Red X" screen picks; both in sketch mode and the feature manager.  In the past I have had difficulty even setting a keyboard shortcut to accomplish this in both types of scenarios.  (I seem to remember that the green check in sketch mode is different than the green check mark in the feature manager)


As for the side tilt, any suggestions on setting this?  May be spin on a certain axis?