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selecting a draft feature on the model

Question asked by Nathan Rollins on May 17, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2013 by Don Van Zile

Hi all,


I am realizing that the Draft feature in SWX is pretty bad and is hopefully getting worked on fro the next release...  I am slowly learning how to deal with the lack of preview (read -> Quality, Visible, Useful preview).


My question comes from my frustration with selecting a face on the model and SWX telling me that it is "Boss-Extrude18".  So I think, "crap, I forgot to draft that surface."


But, I actually DID draft that surface.  If I don't double check (somehow - not easy), then I could end up drafting a drafted surface making two draft features on top of one another.  I have stumbled on this error working on other peoples' models.


The other problem with this is that "Boss-Extrude18" is not next to the draft feature on that face.  They are separated in the tree by 30 or so features.  How can I find that draft feature?


I want to click on a face and learn what draft feature it is.  Any way to easily do that?


How about feature numbers?  There are instances (like during a rebuild) when SWX tells me what the feature number is.  I would love to be able to find "feature 56" easily in the tree to see what feature the rebuild is taking so long with.


OK - so there's two questions here.  Bonus to you if you at least acknowledge that there are two questions...


Thanks in advance!