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Issues working with imported NURBS surface models

Question asked by George Maddever on May 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2012 by Kevin Quigley

Hi everyone,


I'm trying to integrate SolidWorks with a NURBS surface design front-end and having some issues. The designer at the front-end can manipulate the outer shape within a set of constraints, after which the NURBS surfaces are passed to SolidWorks as an IGES model.


The model imports fine into SolidWorks and forms a solid with no errors.


When in SolidWorks, I need to be able to use this external geometry to create some internal geometry, However there are faults on these NURBS surfaces (points of small radius) that prevents me using SolidWorks features like "offset surface", or "shell".


I've tried unsuccessfully for ages to get the guys generating the NURBS surfaces to sort their geometry out, but with the shapes they're modelling, for some reason we get these beautiful, lightly curved, continuous surfaces that have these tiny, tiny points of tight radius, where NURBS edges meet.


Beyond trying further to get these guys to eliminate these issues, is there anything in SolidWorks or a third-party plug-in that I can use to fix these errors? I'm tearing my hair out trying to get a usable NURBS model that behaves in SolidWorks. If I could just get SolidWorks to "ignore" areas of the surface where radius goes tighter than a certain amount, and just paint over it, that'd be bliss!


Thanks in advance,