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    Weldment Users: Update Behavior

    Don Van Zile

      When you add/remove bodies from the weldment model there is an option called ‘Automatic’ in which is a bit misleading.  This doesn’t automatically update your cut list bodies but rather automatically ‘group’ like bodies into a cut list folder when ‘Update’ is selected. 'Update is like a secondary rebuild for cut list bodies.


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      Having said that, would users of weldments like to see the behavior be that it actually ‘Updates’ as well as if you manually did on rebuild and/or cntrl+q automatically (optional of course)?  What if there were performance and/or legacy consequences in doing this would you then expect to turn it off/on manually when you want?  Also, what if when you turn this off there was potential for the drawing information to be now be incorrect (cut list tables) but only correct unless you ‘manually’ updated like you do today.


      I’d like to hear peoples thoughts on this correct and/or potential future behavior


      Don Van Zile

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