Paul McCrorey

Visualization tutorial for SW users in modo

Discussion created by Paul McCrorey on May 16, 2012

Just released a tutorial series on Conceptualization workflow from modo to Solidworks using the Power SubD-Nurbs plug-in.  Forum link for that.


If you are only interested in visualization in modo, I broke out that portion of the series to sell separately.  It is over 1 hour.


In that series, I go into detail to show you how to do some basic and advanced texturing.  In addition, I go over lighting and composition for the final product shot.  I utilize an image editing program (photoshop) to build complex textures as well as composite the final shot.


You will learn some tips and tricks I use every day in my renders.


NewTank_SideView.jpgNewTank_Aftr.jpgNewTank_3-4view.jpg NewTank_TopView.jpg



For more info, visit my website and click on "SHOP"



If you plan on purchasing the Power Sub-D NURBS plug-in from Luxology - DON'T BUY THIS as it comes free with that plug-in.





visit my vimeo page to see a brief on the tutorial