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    Tutorial for Thermal Analysis

    Ping Gan



      I am working on the on-line tutorial of thermal analysis. I followed all instructions, but when run the thermal analysis, always shown " Material is not defined for one or more components", I checked all components' material, no problem, I restarted SW and try still same problem, I don't know why. Anybody tried this tutorial? get same problem? or anybody can tell me any other place can get similar training?


      Thank you very much



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          Vinay Pal

          Hi Ping,


          I haven't tried these tutorials but doing thermal simulation from a long time. SW by default defines material to the parts but you have to change it otherwise it will be treated as undefined. To avoid such confusions you can also make your own library. Also, you can try the below steps:


          • Open the study window
          • right click part
          • click "Apply material to body/all bodies"
          • a window will open, select material of your choice or change the present selected default material by selecting any other material randomly.
          • repeat above steps for all parts of the assembly.
          • define all other requisite field
          • run the analysis.    


          All the best