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    3d faces coming and going

    Dylan Reed

      Created a stp file and on two different products a 3d face showed up in the middle of a tube cylinder and also on another cylinder it lost the outer 3d face. I work in autocad and created an stp file and that is what happen.


      1 has this happen to anybody else?

      2 is there a way to correct this from happening again?

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          Jerry Steiger



          I get STEP and IGES files from Pro/E quite a bit and they often have faces that appear to be missing. Usually the face is actually there (it has to be, since the bodies are solid), but the face normal is backwards. Often times the Import Diagnostics are able to repair the body.


          You might try checking the parts before you export them (Tools/Check or on the Evaluate tab).You can also try round-tripping the files, exporting them to STEP or IGES or Parasolid and then reimporting them; sometimes they fix themselves, sometimes you can use Import Diagnostics to fix them and it sticks through another export.


          Jerry Steiger