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Hole Table not picking up all holes from assembly, only parts.

Question asked by Dean Dickemore on May 15, 2012
Latest reply on May 17, 2012 by Anna Wood

The attached is an example of a situation we regularly come up against with detailing work for our processing. It's been brought to my attention that the Hole Table is unable to pick-up Hole Wizard features when placed in the context of an assembly and penetrate overlapping parts. The parts overlap intentionally due to setting up for weld shrinkage with stainless.  We have some assemblies that have hundreds of holes, many of which have this condition.  Any thoughts of how to work with or, around this issue would be appreciated.

SWX 2011 SP5.0 x64.


I should also mention that the same situation exist when trying to utilize the weldment or sheetmetal environments.