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Pushing Data Card Changes to HTML File

Question asked by James Lazar on May 14, 2012

I'm currently working on setting up a process for managing ECN's in EPDM 2012.  I am having a template create a folder for the ECN containing an HTML that represents the ECN.  The template is run off a Template Card that pushes a bunch of information into the HTML file and autopopulates the HTML file via template variables.


I have absolutely no problem with this.  The template card creates the folder, the file and pushes the data into the file beautifully.


Where I'm having trouble is in updating the HTML file via the data card after it is created.  In other words, after the file is created, I would like to be able to check out the file, modify its data card, save the modifications and check it back in, and have the changes made on the data card reflected in the HTML file.


I was under the impression that, due to the use of data card variables say in pushing rev values to drawings, that it would be fairly simple to have a variable or something similar be updated in the HTML file.  And also thought this would be possible without writing any kind of macro.


Unfortunately, I asked my reseller's tech support if this was possible, and they said that it was not possible outside of a macro and offered the ECR route.


Am I wrong in thinking that this is possible?  Would it be possible with, say, a Word file?  I'm trying to stray away from using Word files for this but if that's what has to happen then I guess I'd have to do that.


I'd also be interested in any tips on how I could go about doing this through a simple macro if it's possible.  I'm actually quite surprised that this isn't something readily available, given that it seems like a pretty common thing to do and that EPDM offers a simple check box for this process to work with template variables.