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Adding a sketch to the Library

Question asked by Mark Smith on May 14, 2012

I want to add a sketch to the design library.  The sketch has sketched text as well as lines, arcs, etc. 


Option 1: When I add the sketch to the library as a block and then try to add it from the library to a new part, it imports into new parts with errors in the sketched geometry, i.e. additional lines are present in the sketch that aren’t in the original. When I import the block into a drawing document, the sketched text disappears altogether.  Since I need the sketch to come in to any type of document, this doesn't seem ideal.


Procedure I followed to do this:

-Create sketch

-Highlight sketch in feature tree

-Click the "Add to Library" icon in the design library window

-Navigate to desired location

-Choose solid block file type

-Click green checkmark.


Option 2: When I right-click on the sketch in the feature tree, there is an option to “Add to Library”.  When I click that option, a green “L” icon appears on the sketch icon in the feature tree.  However, after I do that,  I can’t seem to find the sketch in the design library anywhere.


My questions then are:


-Am I doing something wrong when adding the block to the design library that would cause it not to import into other parts/drawings properly?

-Where is the sketch in the library when I right-click it and click “Add to Library”?

-Is there a way to add a sketch to the library without it being a block?