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    SSD Harddrive/s

    Michael Jones

      I am spec'ing up a new computer for work (drafty) and am wonding what others have done regarding SSD drives. My original thought was to get a 240gb SSD for the operating system and SolidWorks and then get a normal HDD for my working files. But the files I keep on my computer are usually limited to a max of around 60gb and Windows and all programs on my current PC only take up 70gb. Should I just stick to using the SSD for working files as well as operating system and program files? Or is there a benefit of using another drive (which at this stage because I only need 60gb could be another SSD!) for the Solidworks working files?

      Thanks for your help on this.


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          Kelvin Lamport

          Look here for some excellent info;


          One or two SSD's should be good.

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              Michael Jones

              Thanks Kelvin, I had been looking at that post and got alot of excellent ideas from it. But just wanted more info on the SSD part. So do you think there would be a speed advantage to having windows/solidworks on one SSD and my working files on another SSD? Or is the SSD speed so great that you wouldnt notice any slight performance drop when using 1 SSD instead of 2?

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                  Ray Luck

                  Hi Michael,


                  I recently upgraded to a couple SSD's and installed the OS and all programs on one and used the other for SW files. I ended up taking one out (to use on another machine) and now everything is one the one drive. There might be a performance drop, but I cannot notice any.





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                Charles Culp

                I would stick with whichever is cheaper. I doubt you would be read/writing both system data and solidworks data at the same time, in any significant amount. One big drive sounds easier, and is probably cheaper.

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                  Casper De Boer

                  Dear Michael,


                  The fastest is to have one SSD drive with one partition. most of the solidworks files are below 8000KB, these size of files are difficult for hard drives, the SSD can open and close them much faster.

                       TIP: google crystaldisk combined with the harddrive you want to see and click on images, here you can see the speed of a SSD.


                  Don't be afraid that your PC gest slower with only one SSD, it won't, a SSD can find about 50.000 til 80.000 files a second.