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Help!!! After PC "crash", EPDM Vault is not recognizable!

Question asked by Emmanuel Saitakis on May 14, 2012
Latest reply on May 14, 2012 by Emmanuel Saitakis

Hello guys!


As shown, luck is not in my side for a period now, and i'd like a help here!


At my work's pc, we have 2 hard disks, 1 ssd (which has our OS - Win7 and the installation folders etc etc) and a regular disk which we have our EPDM files, vaults, etc.

So, the previous Tuesday SSD disk, just failed to boot. "Hardware failure" was the technician's diagnosis. Every installation folders losst, but EPDM vaults, parts, etc are still in the other harddisk.


After SSD drive replacement, Win7 installation etc, I  reinstalled SW, and EPDM also, but the provlem is that though the vault can be recognised from the pc, and the EPDM, i cannot open it.

Note: before EPDM installation, my vault is recognised as a regular folder with subfolders and files, with their submitted filenames etc, but when i install EPDM, the folder gets the "blue sphere" icon, but it cannot be opened, since the message I receive is "No database is connected to this view". The only "rightclick" option i have, is "Delete File Vault View".

Inside EPDM administration, I can create a vault, and make changes to datacards etc (even if i lost my variables and BOMs - I will fix it again).


Is there any idea, how can I'll be able to recognise again the vault, and be able to work again?


Thanks in advance!