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exploded sketch lines

Question asked by Basam Rafou on May 11, 2012
Latest reply on May 14, 2012 by Basam Rafou

I am having problem saving drawing sheets for assembly that has 7 configurations. The problem is that when I fix exploded sketch lines for each configuration they show up in another one I tried to fix the explode sketch lines and make them fully defined with no success, whenever I fix one configuration , the problem occur for the other one and so on. The strange thing is the problem disappeared when I click on the configuration and when I activate exploded view and the collapse the item again the problem disappear and the model looks fine but when I save the drawing as pdf the problem again is shown on pdf sheets. Please see the attached screen shots of the model, the correct model is EX3 while the other two configurations should not have these exploded sketch lines.       

I am running SW2012 PRO. SP3.0 , 64bit W7. Video card  Nvidia QUAD FX 3700.