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    thickness not defined

    Josef Groenveld

      i'm try to running a simulation on a rigid pvc panel with an internal honey comb structure. the panel is 8m by 0.4m by abt 20mm thick. i managed to get all the constraints and forces in but when i want to run the simultion an error pops up saying "thickness not defined in one or more shells". The the outside layers of this panel are 2mm thick and the honeycomb structure is oriented at 45 degrees to the length of the panel with 50mm spacing. Can anybody give me some advise on what i'm doing wrong? I've attached the sldprt file if anyone can take a look at it. It must be a simple issue but i'm very new to solidworks and not yet familiar with how everything works. anybody's help would be much appreciated.


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          Vinay Pal



          What i could understand from the attached file is that you wanted to study the effect of a force subjected normally to the matt which has a honeycomb structure. Now, i have simulted the same but i have used force applied on a plane instead of the point source used by you(anyways it's your choice), it hardly matters, also i have fixed the side palnes of the frame to fix the structire instead you have split it(again it's user based choice), see the snap below.

          The problem i identified in your model was that the surface structure which you thichned was active in the study which should be not.The surfaces beings made of zero thickness, s/w treats it as shells. Always suppress these surfaces in the study while simulating.Try with it i m sure you will get the results.