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SolidWorks Opening Multiple Instances & File Type Associations in Windows 7

Question asked by Peter Thickett on May 11, 2012



I know these issues have been reported a few times before, but I wanted to know if there is either a fix, or if this will go away when we upgrade from 2010 to 2012 (which should be in a few weeks).


Issue 1:

In windows explorer, when a file is double clicked it will open a new instance of SolidWorks, rather than opening in a new window. Currently this is happening with some of our win 7 machines, and I have tried uninstalling, wiping the registry and re-installing, but the problem persists.


Issue 2 (I assume this is linked to issue 1):

In windows explorer, drawing, part and assembly files all have a generic SolidWorks icon (white page with a SolidWorks red cube in the center), rather than the yellow part, yellow/green assembly, or drawing icon.


These issues is preventing the powers that be from rolling our new win 7 machines to our entire SolidWorks workforce. This then means that we can't upgrade to 2012 because of the state of our old machines. What I want to know is either if there is a fix for this so we can put it to bed, roll out the new hardware, then roll out the 2012 upgrade. Or if there is some evidence to suggest that upgrading to 2012 will eliminate this issue, therefore making fixing these particular issues somewhat pointless as it will go away anyway, and the sooner we upgrade the better.


Thanks in advance for the help.