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    Re-sizing a part.

    Jimmy Hickson

      Hey again guys;


      I created this part and dimensioned it in 'inches', it should have been in 'Millameters"  How do I convert this part dimensions from inches to millameters without redoing the entire part?

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          Glenn Schroeder



          I'm at home now and don't have SW here, so I can't open your part, but maybe I can help anyway.  If you mean you want to convert 1.00" to 25mm instead of having it be 25.4, then you will have to re-do it.  If you just want dimensions in the drawing or in your part to display in metric without changing the actual sizes of the part, then you can control that by going to Options > Document Properties > Units.  I can't remember the exact wording of what to change there but it should be easy to find.  By the way, if you are in a part or assembly that is set to ft/in, but want to enter a dimension that you have in metric, you can enter it as 25mm, 2m, etc. and SW will convert it, and vice versa.

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            Kelvin Lamport

            Use the ModelRescaler macro from http://www.lennyworks.com/solidworks/default.asp?ID=20


            Using the SW Scale function creates an extra feature, and will create unecessary confusion when editing any feature before the Scale feature.

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                Seth Renigar

                I second Kelvin's suggestion.  It's a great macro for instances like this.  Its not the type of macro that you would generally use very often.  But when you need it in a situation like this, it beats re-doing the part.


                There is one other method that you could do.  But its a lot more involved than the macro.  You could create a Design Table and include ALL dimensions in it.  And then in the Design Table, divide all dimensions by 25.4 to scale it to metric.  A little more cumbersome.  But it should work.