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Failed File Update With Convert Workgroup PDM Files

Question asked by Joel Stephens on May 11, 2012
Latest reply on May 11, 2012 by Joel Stephens

I am currently running SW 2012 SP3.0 and I am trying to update my 2011 WPDM projects to the current version.  A large portion of my files give a "Failed to update file in SolidWorks" status when trying to upgrade a project in the WPDM vault with the Convert Workgroup PDM Files tool in the task scheduler.  After running this process, I have checked out the assembly and the failed files are still 2011 versions, but I can individually save these documents as 2012 files without error.  The main problem with this is that there are thousands of files to do this to, and manual updating is very impractical. Does anyone have any thoughts for what the problem might be?


I have searched around in the forums a bit, and the closest thing I have found to my problem was here ( but I tried to disable the PDM add-in and I still had the same issues.