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    Bending a circular rod (U shaped bend)

    Varun Sharan Kumar

      I am trying to bend a  circular rod(alloy steel) to something like a U shaped bend and then use the FEA results to compare different rib designs.

      The problem is that whenever i create a regular circular bar extrude it and then apply material, add fixtures and apply load, the bar does not bend more than 20 degrees.

      I have tried different fixtures, applying different loads, at different points but still it does not bend much.

      I have tried increasing the loads(Force) to huge numbers and it takes forever to run but still there is no significant bending.

      I know i am messing up somewhere and i am a complete novice with FEA in solidworks.

      Is there some way i can bend the bar to a U shape? Is there a particular way the rod has to be fixed or supported? Do i have to define the mterial properties manually?


      I am using the nonlinear mode in solidworks simulation.

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          Bill McEachern

          I am assuming you are using solid elements. Thsi is a metal forming operation and not exactly SWX sim best game. You won't get much more than 10% max strain as the mesh will get pretty distrorted and the element formulation starts to fail.


          Fix one end.

          apply an angular diplacement to the other end.

          Add a plasticity model with approriate properties ( tangent modulus should do fine - if you don't know what this is look it up in the help).

          Use displacement control

          good luck.