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Saving modified assemblies while not affecting the original assembly

Question asked by Petar Ugrin on May 10, 2012
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I am relatively new to Solid works. I have been working with autocad up to recently, so I have some trouble switching to the Solid works way of thinking.

I made an assebly with lots of piping. Now I want to modify my assembly in order to make an alternative solution, while not affecting the original assembly. The piping route is too big to make a configuration. Is there a way of saving my original assembly as, for example, project "A". Then modify the assembly and "save as" project "B" in a new file or directory while not affecting the original assembly "project A".

The only solution I can find is making a completely new assemblie which is apsurd, because it would take too much time...

On a related note, for example, when I make an assembly up to one point. If I start changing stuff there is no going back to the starting base. Is there a solution to this problem of mine?