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Design without constrains -- sketching everything fixed

Question asked by Gerard Boterman on May 10, 2012
Latest reply on May 13, 2012 by Gerard Boterman

My background is KeyCreator, a program that works without contrains, not having to define relations for every element I draw/sketch.

Unfortunate I need to use Solidworks, which is a great program, but the amount of time it takes to create (one-off) assemblies of machines, fixutres and jigs is about four times as long as my previous software, just because of having to define all the relations, while if my idea changes (or evolves) during the design process, I need to retrieve and change, sometimes delete these relations, which refer to assembled parts. This results often in having to restore, redefine or even redraw parts -- very time consuming and a huge contrain in my productivity.

To overcome this problem, during the design process, it would be great if I could switch off any relations, definitions, etc, and draw everything 'fixed'.

Can this be done in Solidworks?

Any suggestions welcome.

Cheers, Gerard