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    Custom property doesn't show excel file/list tab

    Ori Wolpe



      We're using the custom propery feature in our models/assemblies (so the drawings will use the fields...) and it's working fine with notepad/.txt files. We just tried to use excel for one of the tabs and we have a problem: for one of our users it's working fine! the tab builder reads and shows the excel list, and also in the S.W itself. But for other users it wouldn't show it - when you click on it, it shows blank/white without anything to choose from.


      It's very strange, because As i said, it is working for one users but not for others...is there any settings in the solidworks itself which might cause the solidworks custom propery tab not to read an excel type list??


      We're at a "Dead end" with it, we tried to save the excel in different fomats, tried to compare s.w settings but couldn't find anything...



      I'd appreciate any assitance with this issue, I'm sure that someone encountered (or not:-) this issue in one point.