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part custom prop to drawing custom prop

Question asked by James Kashuba on May 9, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2013 by Jason Wilger

Good morning Guys,

I was wondering if something was possible to do. We are now using PLM software and a third party engineering client to move SW files in and out of a vault. The PLM is reading from the custom properties in the model. The model is the feeder to the drawing as well. We have not set up the custom properties in the drawing because the model custom properties fills in all the attributes in the title block and such. However, the PLM does not read the attributes from the drawing rather only from a custom properties file which is not used in our drawings. The result is information is not being sent to the PLM concerning our drawings because as far as PLM is concerned the document is blank. We do not want to fill out two custom properties files for every part, so I was wondering if the custom properties from the model (part or assembly) could somehow fill or populate the custom properties in the drawing? The info would essentially be the same but info from the drawing would then be sent to PLM. Sorry for being long winded on this but want to make sure my question is understood, and even after saying all that I'm not sure it is.