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    Andrew Davis

      Ok we have a saved off set of standard notes that we use every day. But now something happend and when we have a large set of sheets we can only pull that annotation to one sheet and on the others is comes up with an error."Favorite with this name already exist in the document" any one know why it is doing this and what to do to fix it?

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          Glenn Schroeder



          Welcome to the forum.  How are your annotations saved, in the design library or something else?

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            Scott McFadden


            Welcome to the forum.

            Even if you are inserting the same favorite with the same name you still should be prompted to overwrite existing.

            I know there are a blocks listing you can delete in the feature tree, look to see if there is one for the favorites.

            If so you can delete the old ones there.

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              Troy Peterson

              If the style already exists in the drawing instead of dragging and dropping from the design library you should start a new note then from the style dialog box of the notes properties select the style from the pulldown and all the text from that style will be populated in your new note.

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                Doug Rawlings

                I get this same error message when I try to drag and drop from my previously saved annotations into a drawing, if I've already had a different annotation in that drawing with the same name.


                This usually happens with my generic drawing notes, which I drag into a drawing and then modify to suit.


                The way I get past this now is:


                - In the drawing click on an annotation, or start to create a new one if necessary.

                - Under the style heading in the Note pop-out use the pull-down menu to select the name of the annotation you want to replace.

                - Click the 'Delete a Style' button, the star with the red cross next to it.

                - Click the green arrow or otherwise close the Note pop-out.

                - You should now be able to drag in your new annotation.


                It seems to work for me...