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    Sample points on a surface

    Xinda Hu



      I need to create a solidworks model from some surfaces which are imported from an optical design software.


      To evaluate the accuracy of the surface import, I'd like to sample a dense grid of points on the imported surfaces and obtain a XYZ position table. So that I can check the accurcy back in the optical design software.


      I have no idea how to do it. Can anyone help?


      Thanks a lot.

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          Hi Xinda,


          getting the points out of the system that created them (optical deisgn software) i s the first issue, getting them into SW is the second.

          If  you have SW Premium, Scanto3D will read in iges with points and once in the SW viewport, you can then create 2D and 3D geometry to the  points by snapping to them.


          You can then export the iges by way of .txt ScanTo3D output type to take back the optical software. Other types that might work for  you are VRML, 3DS, OBJ all mesh based types.





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              Xinda Hu

              Hi, Mark,


              Thanks for the reply.


              The optical design software is capable of exporting iges, sat and step. But the exporting process is not perfect, I have to specify a sampling grid size (e.g. 300x300). I then import the IGES (they are surfaces already) into Solidworks and cut solids with those imported surfaces to create the geometry I want. The manufacture needs a solidworks model to be accurate to a certain degree (deviation to math model about 1um).


              To verify that the surfaces are correctly exported (the sampling grid is dense enough), I'd like to sample points on the imported surfaces in Solidworks and compare to my math model. And that is the step I want to do.


              I do have ScanTo3D, but I've never used it and I don't know how to use it for my purpose.