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How do I delete BOM from a workflow?

Question asked by Brian Dalton on May 8, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by Joy Garon

My company has never used saved BOMs or computed BOMs.  Prior to EPDM our BOMs were just linked tables on our drawings, and we've continued to use that paradigm.


Today, I'm trying to clear out some old, unused (so I'd thought) workflows, and to delete them I need to be sure there are no files that are or have ever been in any state in those workflows.  I used a SQL query (generously provided by Joy Garon) to check the workflows and I discovered that two of them have - apparently - BOMs in them (?)


I have never used these workflows so I would expect them to be emply, but somehow they have gotten what appear to be drawing-based BOMs into them.  I don't even understand how this is possible, since these BOMs are not files in their own right, but merely tables in drawing files, and those drawing files are in other workflows.


Here is a shot of what the SQL query returns:


BOMs In WF.png


These are all normal drawings which have been processed and released in a totally different workflow.  I checked their histories and there's no evidence of them ever having been in or throught the 'DCR - Obsolete' workflow.


So anyway, my question is how can I get these 'files' out of the workflow so I can delete the workflow?  AFAIK they are not actually files, but just tables in files.  What is going on here?