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    Sweep along a curve problem

    Shar Fa

      Hi everyone,


      Its been a couple of weeks that im realy strugling with this one. Im attempting to sweep this rectangle and half a circle shape along a curved helmet and im having problems with it.

      As you can see in the picture theres a gap between the swept shape and the helmet that i cant figure out how to avoid..

      Help please ! :-)

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          Shar Fa

          I was thinking of tring "twist along path" and give it 1-2 degress twist but its kind of not proffessional looking

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              Joachim Venberget

              Hi shar


              Not my expertise as I couldnt sort out the sweep, but I had better luck with a loft. Created a similar plane and sketch to yours in the other end of the split lines and used a loft. I recommend you fix the assymetric of the part in the advantage of using the mirror-feature.


              As far as I know a loft is more versatile for curvatures like this, other users of this forum can probably clear this up. Also how it could be merged coincident to the helmet face without the extra added material is in my own interrest.


              I can show you more later if needed, anyhow Im on a future version.


              Good luck :-)

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              Hi Shar,


              First off, on your helmet, if it is symmetrical, why not just model half of it and in the end, mirror the body with all the features - it will say  yourself a lot of work and make a more robust and accurate model.


              Secondly, on your sweep, you can use your additional spilt lines as guide curves to better "guide" your profile thru your sweep, or you can use align to vector option to keep your profile "upright" with your top plane. Sorry I can not provide you with a 2010-2011 file since right now I just have SW2010 and 2012 commercial.


              Also, you need to better constrain your sketch so that it will work better with the splitline path and guide curves. Dimension and constrain it till it is entirely black.


              Third, you can use a replace face to align the end face of your sweep with the helmet edge.


              In the end, it might be best to delete the split line faces and instead do a surface sweep. That would give you the opportunity to clean up the end of the sweep with the edge of the helmet.



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                Shar Fa

                one more question though, if i wanted to seperate the helmet from the "rails" on top of them to three different parts, how could i do that?