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    How do people monitor the forums?

    Nathan Rollins

      Maybe this should be a poll, but I had some trouble getting one to work and I need to get back to what I am paid to do...  So, I will ask you all here.


      I am a SWX newbie and also new to the forum here.  But I have lots of experience with another CAD package and a really great forum there.  The other forum is set up as an email list - so new questions come to my inbox and I can reply with answers using my email client.  I can also very easily send an email to the group as a new question / discussion.


      While it would be great if I found it, I am not necessarily looking for an equivalent method here.  I just am a little lost trying to monitor the discussions easily.  I tried to set up email notifications, but they don't seem to work to well.  The summary I regularly get is "how much RAM do I need to run SWX...?" and other regularly occuring topics.


      I want to monitor the questions being asked so I can "add slope" to my learning curve.  I find that reading questions that are even remotely relavent to what I am working on will teach me techniques and philosophy.


      And it won't be long before I will be answering the newbie questions that come through...


      My question is "How do you monitor the new posts on the forum?"  I find it cumbersome to have a browser tab open to the forums constantly, and then there's no notification of new posts that way.  RSS feed - what is the best reader?  Are there other ways?


      I did not mark this as a question because I want it to be a discussion and there probably will not be a "Correct Answer".


      I look forward to becoming a regular part of this community.


      Thanks a lot!