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    Workstation and gaming card, on the same machine?

    Ahmed Alhalabi

      Hello everyone,

      Alright, I'm going for a new PC in the near future which is mainly for CAD and I'd like to be able to play games without buying another rig, especially since I'm getting good hardware for the workstation.


      The question is:

      - Has anyone successfully installed a workstation and a gaming card on the same machine working in the same OS simultaneously, and OS switching between them depending on the application currently being used (first preference)? Even if it means two displays or using the same vendor.


      - Or on the same OS but switching between cards by software or changing ports physically?


      - Or at least on the same rig with dual-boot?


      Notes: No soft modding a gaming card, I'll get the V5900 as the workstation card.


      Thanks for taking the time.