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Service Packs - Which one?

Question asked by Brian Watts on May 4, 2012
Latest reply on May 7, 2012 by Deepak Gupta

This may have been covered else where but trying to put the "key" words into the search engine has not come up with much help.


So hear goes....


We have 4 workstations, 2 running Solidworks 2012 on 32bit workstations & 2 running Solidworks 2012 on 64bit workstations.


I need to download the latest service pack that will hopefully "fix" some issues that we are experiencing.


Question : Do we need to download the service packs for BOTH 32bit and 64bit?


The original installation was carried out using an Admin Image (SW 2012 sp 1) and the Admin Image for this covers both 32bit and 64bit.


If I unzip both files, would I be correct to assume that I would have to create separate Admin Images for 32bit and 64bit workstations.


On top of this, I have been told by out VAR that there has been issues with service pack 3 for SW2012, just wondering if any users out there are experiencing these problems?


Thanks in advance...Brian