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Modelling tolerances for SW certification

Question asked by Giedrius Matulionis on May 6, 2012
Latest reply on May 6, 2012 by Joachim Venberget

I was following SolidProfessor video lectures for preparing myself for CSWA and CSWP. If somebody is familiar with those lectures, the models that are given as an example are those from Giesecke et al. book “Technical drawing”, which quite often have machining (milling, reaming etc.) tolerances. For example:  17.55 - 177.67 mm REAM, diameter 101.60 – 101.65 mm, etc. Since in CSWA and CSWP there are questions about parts mass and center of mass the value, which you will chose in this interval can significantly influence the outcome (especially where you have to write the result in the empty field).


My question:  which value in the tolerance interval (min, max, avg) has to be chosen when modeling the part? (since dimensioning the sketch you can give only one value and then later define tolerance/precision which serves mainly for production and does not influence the mass value of the part) Or during the exam these dimensions with tolerances are not present?


Thank you.


P.S. Here you can download all the drawings from the book for free for practice. They are really helpful.