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Bulk Chekc in does not work in 2012 ( SP03 also)

Question asked by Mahesh Joglekar on May 4, 2012
Latest reply on May 10, 2012 by Mahesh Joglekar

How many of you have noticed that the bulk check .. creat subfolders automatically  function does not work in SW 2012

Our situation is

Local drive

/ Solidworks LIbrary

/ Prodcuts

The products folder will have all the top level models and drawings for hundreds of combinations of our product created by a automation interface we have designed


So when we check in all this data using bulk check in we want the local drive to be copied in exact same fashion in to PDM vault

Currently if I use bulk chekc in it does not creat sub folders

We have something like 600 assembly models each having 20 drawings to be checked in in a month's time but without this function we will have to spend huge amount of time and money to get it done so it is business critical situation

Our VAR has created an SAR in Feb for this but nothing has happened yet


Has anybody bothered about this functionality in 2012?