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    Inconsistent BOM results --

    Corey Hinman

      col0036 excluded.JPG

      col0036 PDM BOM.JPGsys0017 col0036 shown.JPG

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          Corey Hinman

          What happened to my text???:


          I applied a hotfix to 2011SP5 yesterday because the API was calling zero for all bom qty's.


          Today now I notice that there are parts in some BOMs with zero qty, even if they are flagged as exclude from BOM. In Assy col0036, FAS0027 is excluded from BOM in solidworks, and is reflected that way in the PDM BOM.


          When COL0036 is used in another assembly, FAS0027 is listed with zero qty.


          A second problem i noticed were a few entire PDM BOMs with zero qty's that were yellow as if they had been modified, which i know for a fact they were not.


          I thought this hotfix would help one problem, and seemingly it's just causing more.