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Help - when dimensioning or applying balloons, edges from other parts are being selected.

Question asked by Dave Hobgood on May 4, 2012
Latest reply on May 4, 2012 by Dave Hobgood

When I am in a drawing and trying to dimension, add notes or balloons, edges from parts behind what I'm dimenion to are showing up and making it difficult for me to be accurate unless I zoom in really tight to select the edge that I need.  I have attached an image to show the issue I'm having.  The lines that are red are edges behind a top panel that I am trying to dimension.  The red lines are coming up when I move my mouse over the assembly.  I also have this problem when trying to dimension or add a note/balloon to a sheet metal part.  It keeps wanting to select a tangent line on the inside of the part or the inner surface edge unless I zoom in tight to make sure I get the correct edge.  Is there a setting somewhere that I need to check?  I haven't been able to find anyting.

drawing issue.jpg