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        Tom Smith

        Yes, some intelligence would be nice.  It's not something I do everyday but every time I use the command I am prepared to hit the arrow.  My definition of "Always" means that in 15 years of using the command I cannot remember if it ever gave me the desired loop on the first try.  I have not been keeping a log.  I think it's safe to assume in this thread when people say "{feature} always does {complaint}!" that its a generalization.

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          Daen Hendrickson

          SW2011 SP3...


          While in the Custom Property Dialog:


          The Property Name cell wont auto-fill from my default list when I begin typing. I can type the first few letters and then select the drop down and it will highlight the first item it finds that is a match. It would be nice if it would behave like the feature manager filter.


          In the Value / Text Expression cell standard Windows text navigation keys don't work. Ctrl-arrow should take you to the next/previous word. Shift Ctrl-arrow should highlight the next/previous word, etc.


          Overall table navigation should mimic Excel (Tab to next cell, enter to drop down to next cell, etc)


          The Comments area of the Summary tab has a limited maximum size. I understand this is driven by Windows since this data is available through the file manager. Except SW allows you to type beyond the allowed size and unceremoniously truncates the information without notice.


          The OK / CANCEL buttons are not easily accessible via keyboard shortcuts. I have the properties dialog on a keyboard shortcut and I open it in a flash. My template has many of the properties filled with default values in advance. The property tab builder updates the defaults. With two monitors, I have the properties dialog open on the secondary. All that works well except I have to mouse over to the other screen to click the buttons. The Help button has the "H" underlined for a standard Alt-H shortcut. Why not the other two buttons?


          The property tab builder can access outside data for the drop downs (excel, access, text, etc). It would be a nice addition if the same data were available in the Value / Text Expression drop downs.



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            irmeli rehbein


            'I can't wait for you to beta test 2013 Matt, I for one, respect your input.




            well, my boss just ended up in the hospital after he read the 'major' enhancements of solidworks 2013:


            *Improved file management

            *New assembly workflow enhancement

            *Numerous drawing productivity enhancement

            *And many more!


            he fell asleep reading through the list, hit his head hard on the keyboard and had to get six stitches to his forehead.


            what a joke this company has become

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              Alan Stoldt

              But look how nice the numbers for the posts are. Mine is #198 in this thread. Yeah DS!

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                John Stoltzfus

                Good morning Alan,


                Sweeeetttt,   If you do another it'll be "200"






                PS: As much as we complain and are hoping beyond hope that SW will make all of these changes, we still get back in the saddle every  day, products are being designed, products are being produced, and the best part is; customers are happy !!!

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                  Chris Challinor

                  Hiding hidden lines you do not want to show, having SW figure that you wanted this line hidden (the wrong one), then not being able to undo the hiding of the hidden line you did not want to hide with out closing SW (dont Save) and starting all over...................


                  Say that five times fast....

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                    James Pare


                    They fixed the Hole wizard bug in SP4.0 EV!!!!!!



                    But they have messed up excel blocks in 2D, you can no longer edit them in a worksheet



                    Why is that whenever you get something fixed, something else, that worked operfectly fine, gets messed up??????????

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                      Don Van Zile

                      Have you tried a reboot of your computer after installation?  Is it throwing any error messages or just not working?

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                        James Pare

                        Just not working

                        I'll reboot & let you know if tat fixes the issue


                        Glad to see the Hbug fixed!!!


                        Thanks for your efforts!!!!

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                          James Pare

                          Still not working

                          Before, in a drawing, I could right mouse click on excel document & had the option of "opening in worksheet"

                          This is no longer present????

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                            David Lyndaker

                            On that note Chris, how about Undo in general.  It's about the most basic ancient functionality, and it's still is only half implimented.  Half the time you really need it, it's unavailable, as in your case..  If you switch documents, you lose undo history.  Really, it can't be cached on a per document basis?  And Redo, it can't so much as redo the undo of a dimension change???  What's the point of the icon?


                            Another bug that just occured.  Every once in a while, some modify dimension pop-up boxes don't pop up when I double click a dimension. Some will, some won't.  I can still modify them in the Property Manager, but the box doesn't pop up.  Then, yada yada yada, suddenly it starts working again.  Annoying.



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                              Chris Challinor

                              Measure, what a pain in the ass function......if its open you cant "just do something else", you have to click open space or close it.


                              If you are mating items, and want to measure something while mating you have to turn off mating just to measure.......


                              SW in general requires too many mouse clicks to do the simplest things....

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                                Dave Klimas

                                Chris Challinor wrote:


                                SW in general requires too many mouse clicks to do the simplest things....



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                                  Don Van Zile



                                  Can you please submit an email with this issue to evis@solidworks.com so it will go through the proper EV channels.  I would greatly appreciate it.




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                                    Walter Fetsch

                                    When editing a part that has configurations, if I apply a dimension to all configurations, it would be nice if that action also applied the tolerance to all configurations.  Currently, only the dimension is affected.

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