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    Long Time... Pet Peeves...

    Don Van Zile

      I’m starting this thread to open the discussion to the long standing pet peeves in your day to day workflow that could help boost your productivity and/or save your sanity.  For example:


      Very simple to replicate: SPR 624097

      1. Start a new part and extrude a block
      2. Ensure your properties under the configuration tab has “Suppress features” checked
      3. Add a tapped hole using hole wizard
      4. “Suppress features” will now be unchecked?


      What other ‘pet peeves’ can users think of that would be helpful to save frustrations and your sanity. Also, if you've personally have an SPR on any pet peeve issues please try and post it as it will be very helpful to us.


      Don Van Zile

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          Wayne Tiffany

          You are so asking for it here!  :-)


          SPR 170850 Cannot control a limit mate's maximum and minimum values with equations, configurations, design tables, etc.


          The worse part of that problem with the limit mates is that they do change between configs anyway.  So if limit mates are not configurable nor controllable by the above means, then they should at the very least not change on their own when changing configs.  That problem makes them usable only with extreme caution.


          SPR 611299 Regression: Connection lines in linear center mark command not working for slots.


          We do lots of parts with slots for adjustment and centermark connection lines do not work any more in 2012.  Quite frustrating to have to drag out centermark "arms" manually.


          And to go along with that one, centermarks with connection lines and dims recognizing the centermark and giving the proper gap has never worked properly.


          That's enough for right now.



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            Dwight Livingston



            With you on the linear centermarks. I'll add that one should be able to add a centermark to a linear centermrk system, rather than having to recreate that entire system.



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              Wayne Tiffany

              Totally agree on adding centermarks to existing ones and having the connection lines and dim gaps adjust properly.



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                Walter Fetsch

                I've said it before and I'll say it again, the jumping Feature Manager drives me crazy.  Of course, it is a short drive. 

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                  Annie Cheung

                  Model disappears from graphics when viewing Simulation result plots.  Sometimes, the only way to to clear up the problem is to close and reopen the model.


                  I don't have a specific spr for this but there is a solution id.  See below.  It says that it's related to system resources but I've had this happen on basic models on a 64 bit machine.  This only started to happen once they moved Simulation from being on a dedicated tab. 




                  In certain cases, the model disappears from the graphics area when viewing Simulation result plots, the mesh plot right after meshing, switching study tabs, or rotating the model. What can be done to avoid this?

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                    Greg Hynd

                    My pet peeve...


                    The image quality on models constantly changing back to low quality, makeing any round object look like square section.....


                    I must have to change this on parts about 50 times a day, please fix this! I know it annoys a lot of others too...


                    2. Sometimes, when iserting a plane in a virtual part, it doesnt show in the feature tree. You have to exit the part edit mode, hit ctrl-q to get it to show, then re enter the part and start sketching. Not sure if any others ever see this?

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                      James Pare

                      Great Thread Don!


                      Being able to set the gap control box in knitting off for good, or until I want to use that function again

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                        John Stoltzfus

                        Good morning Don,


                        Great Post,


                        My biggest is the Lofted Sheet Metal feature, try designing a round to square transition with both sketches on different angles.





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                          John Lhuillier

                          Greg Hynd wrote:


                          My pet peeve...


                          The image quality on models constantly changing back to low quality, makeing any round object look like square section.....


                          I agree. A real waste of time having to constantly change this back.

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                            Glenn Schroeder

                            1.  Great improvement in SW2012 allowing editing of names of Section Views (changing font for selected text, adding text, etc.).  Why on earth wasn't the same thing done for Detail Views?


                            2. Can't set Layers for Centermarks and Centerlines in Document Properties.


                            If I think of more I will post again.

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                              Andy Sanders

                              When you're working on an exploded view, and you've made quite a few steps in a row, then accidentally back out of the exploded view mode then lose all your work.


                              Why can't it keep each step as you do it?  It's a pain to create a step, then have to OK out of it just to keep it in the file.

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                                Denzil Searle

                                Now you have asked for it! We are using SW2010, due to the excessive cost of the annual subscription. This is possibly the single flakiest, bug-ridden, most unreliable piece of mainstream software I have used in a long time. I won't list all the issues I have as there are too many, but, for example,


                                1. Perfectly good mates in assemblies will get random errors the next time the assembly is opened.

                                2. Image quality lowering itself as above.

                                3. We use a custom field for Description in parts, which gets referenced on the drawing. On new parts, it loses the Description entry on saving and I have to re-enter it and resave two or three times before it sticks. None of the other fields are lost, only the Description. This only started a few weeks ago.

                                4. Previews are often shown in fillets etc, only for it to throw an error when I click the green tick.

                                5. In complex parts, I get all sorts of problems if I edit a feature high up the tree. Often, completely unrelated features lower down suddenly have errors.

                                6. Tangents to splines are lost when I trim back to the nodes, so I have to put them back in.

                                7. Today, I have a complex part which needs a straightforward fillet. When I try to add the fillet, part of a cut-extrude somewhere else disappears, even though the two are not related. This is serious, because at the moment I can't create the geometry I need. I might be forced to try to create the fillet manually as a swept boss.


                                Is SW2012 any more reliable, and who do I send the bill to for all the wasted hours I have spent?

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                                  Don Van Zile

                                  Is the part you are always changing the image quality on set to read only and/or working within an assembly with this option set in the pic below?


                                  5-4-2012 9-22-51 AM.png

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