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    Solidworks 2011 is unresponsive/freezes when opening file or assembly

    Brad B

      I'm hoping someone may have an answer to this problem.


      We just upgraded computers to Window 7 64-bit HP workstations; we were previously using XP 64-bit Dell workstations. When I start up SW, and go to either File>Open, or File>New, it will just hang until I click anywhere, at which point it crashes. The only way around this is to check the 'Use Software OpenGL' box in the options before attempting to open anything. This isn't a good option as the workstation has a Quadro 4000 which isn't being fully utilized. I have tried both of the GPU drives from the SW website, as well as the latest driver from the Nvidia site and the suggested one from HP's site. The problem is the same with every driver. I've also ran Google Earth using OpenGL, and it works without any problems. Any help is greatly appreciated. 



      • Solidworks 2011, SP 4.0
      • HP Z400 6-DIMM 475W 85 Eff. Chassis
      • Xeon W3520 2.66 8MB/1066 QC CPU
      • HP 20GB (4x4GB) DDR3-1333 ECC RAM
      • NVIDIA Quadro 4000 2.0GB Graphics
      • HP 120GB SATA 1st SSD
      • HP 16X DVD+-RW SuperMulti SATA 1st Drive
      • MS Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit OS


      Thank you