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What happen to SolidWorks Viewer?

Question asked by Matthew Hedstrom on May 2, 2012
Latest reply on May 3, 2012 by Roland Schwarz

I have been asked to install Solidworks 2011 Viewer along with eDrawings viewer 2011 that came with the SW2011 installation package to compare the two but I’m finding out that maybe SWV 2011 is no longer a developed viewer? I have contacted my distributer and even called Solidworks and neither one can tell me what happened to the original SWV. Both have informed me that the SWV has been phased out for eDrawings but that doesn’t really tell me a technical answer to pass along to my management. Wondering if anyone on the forums can help me find an answer since it looks like eDrawings has taken over. Also is eDrawings a new name for the SWV or has this viewer been added to the Solidworks develope team?