Moving Planes

Discussion created by Guest on Oct 30, 2006
on 2006 30 10:56 julian berard wrote:
> I have a sketch on a front plane and I want to Paste an ellipse
> on the top plane to sit on top of the drawing I have on the front plane.
> When I do it I can't control where the ellipse is being pasted and how
> to move to the place I want it to be.

It's completely unclear what you are trying to do or why you "can't control where" the ellipse is from your description.

Have you tried constraining the ellipse once it is pasted? Use dimensions, relations, construction geometry.

The title of the post is Moving Planes, but there is nothing in your question about moving planes. Do you mean Editing Sketch Planes, or trying to move an existing plane?

Or you might post a sample file showing your problem.