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Problem with external design table

Question asked by Phil Perlich on May 2, 2012
Latest reply on May 4, 2012 by Phil Perlich

I have several parts that I have set up external design tables set up for that when the design table gets updated the parts do not update.


I set up the design table by doing Insert > Tables > Design Table. I selected 'From file' in the source box. Browsed for the file, selected it, and checked the 'link to file' box. I have six parts set up this way. (one of them seems to be working correctly) Each of the 6 external design tables draw data from an excel sheet that contains three characteristic values. Each design table uses these characteristic values for certain dimensions.


When I update the "characteristic" excel file, the six external design tables should update. So then I open up the assembly to find that only one of the six parts has actually updated.


I then tried opening the individual parts. They still would not update. I then went to "edit table" in the ConfigurationManager tab. The design table shows the updated values. Then finally when I click off the design table to close it, then parts will update.


What am I doing wrong? One part works and five do not?