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G3 Blend surfaces and curves

Question asked by irmeli rehbein on May 2, 2012
Latest reply on May 20, 2012 by irmeli rehbein

up to 2009 we had the add-in geometryworks to get true G3 blend curves and G3 blend surfaces.

but mold makers could not edit these solidworks files (couldn't roll back or delete feature past a geometryworks feature) if they did not have the pug-in.


so we had to remodel things without GWX


i truly wish solidworks would finally take surfacing more seriously. i'm sorry but the splines in solidworks are no match to the blend curves and surfaces in GWX.


often i cannot achieve a curvature continuous  loft, boundry or patch surface in SWX, when in geometryworks it was no problem (with the same parasolid kernel!)

also the quality of the SWX surface is often horrible compared to GWX when looking at the false color curvature shading.


i don't get it - if a small plug-in maker can do this with the same parasolid kernel, why can't SWX do it? or like we suggested years ago, just buy the company and integrate it into the base package - because this should not be plug-in features..darn at 1000$ rhino gives me more control over surfaces.


it's not 1988 anymore guys.