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EPDM and measure unit(s)

Question asked by Emmanuel Saitakis on May 2, 2012
Latest reply on May 2, 2012 by Tim Read

Hello again guys,


I have the following problem:


I want to make a BOM at EPDM, that meets my needs , and includes the column "Measure Unit".

I want "Measure unit"  to get the following values: Pieces, Kg, m.

I try to make a variable (i call it "measure Unit") and give it a new block (Customproperty) which has the attribute called "Measure Unit".



I've tried several ways to make the Part's Data Card, and the most recent is by creating a list called "MU list", which has some values (pcs, kg,m)..


I go then to my Part's Datacard, and try to make a "Measure Unit" Combobox Dropdown (or an other field type), and i assign to it, the MU list, and the "measure unit" variable.


Then, I go to the BOM-building tab, and make a new column as follows ("Measure Unit" column):


Then, i get back to a part data card, I change its M.U. value (eg. to "kg"), the data card is saved, but no value shows up at my BOM.

What have I done wrong?



thank you for your time!