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Routing in Assemblies with multiple parts and space constraints.

Discussion created by Bianca Trociewitz on May 1, 2012
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Good afternoon, I have started to use the routing command for the first time. Since I have no flanges I start with the start from point. I pick all the necessary sizes for the tube (diameter, wall thickness, stub lenght and bending radius). Next thing is that I draw lines from the end stub I have created in the first place. the problem now, it creates a routing file, where all the assembly parts are displayed as wire models, extremely confusing and sometimes it is so hard to see where in I am in 3D. After I finish with the last spot to where I want to go, than I start editing the little tube. I can move the points in 3D, but sometimes they shoot out of the drawing, moving points back and forward seems not very efficient, there must be another way. I am just not that proficient yet, but I would like to hear some other options, that are quicker. It would be nice if it would work like you point out the beginning point the endpoint and than point out all the items which are in the way and where they should be contained in. Any help?