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    nonlinear solver

      Deos any body know how I can get an alternate solution of my sketch?

      For example: if you have two lines and you want to draw an arc that is tangent to both lines, in general this has 4 solutions, but solid works shows only one. How can I ask solidwork to show the other solutions as well?
        • nonlinear solver
          For your example, I wonder why you want to see the four solutions. Do you want to finish with a sketch that includes all four arcs? Well, that would not be a common need, hardly worth a special function, and not all that hard to sketch anyway. Or do you want to see all four and then select one? Well, the one arc that it gives is based on which sides of the intersection you select. Given a crossed set of lines, you can pick the quandrant you want without seeing all four arcs. I don't see the point. I guess I need to hear more about what you're after.

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