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    Meshing Elements

    Vinay Pal

      Hi friends,


      I have a query regarding mesh element.


      In solidworks Simulation we are using tetrahedral mesh elements; these can be varied by changing the aspect ratio.I have heard use of Hexagonal mesh elements in some other meshing softwares, i wanted to know it's charachterstics.


      Does anyone have any info regarding where these hexagonal mesh elements are used, what advantage or disadvantage it has over tetraheral elements?

      Does solidworks has any option for hexagonal element?

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          Anthony Botting

          You can mesh with hexagonal elements in the GeoStar interface that comes with Simulation Premium. A disadvantage for the hexagons is that meshing is semi-automatic, at best, but the tetrahedron meshing algorithms are pretty-much completely automatic. I have read several white papers claiming the accuracy of the tetrahedra can be matched with the hexahedra based on particular conditions, to include use of parabolic displacement functional (second order tetrahedron) and adjustments in mesh density to observe convergence. You probably should check with your VAR about getting the CAD model into GeoStar (also known as "COSMOSM") interface, and you can attempt to mesh with hexagons there. Hope that helps.