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EPDM Export Split Named Bom to csv produces too many columns

Question asked by Kent Keller on May 1, 2012

Is there any way to export a split BOM in EPDM so all the Part Numbers, Descriptions, etc remain in one column


If your BOM template has 4 columns and you split the BOM, EPDM thinks there are now 8 columns!  Now, the user has to cut and paste in Excel to make the BOM correct.


I noticed that this is so in SQL as well.  If you look in the BOMSheetColumn table for the BomDocumentID of interest you get additional columns with headers like "1" or "225878" or "BELLOW, W/CLAMP 1 HUMP 3"


These are not headers.  They are data!


Is this a bug?


Kent Keller

Software Applications Engineer

Westport Shipyard Inc.